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Eon Altar: Prelude – The Siege of Tarnum, Available Free on Steam

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Eon Altar: Prelude – The Siege of Tarnum, Available Free on Steam

Flying Helmet Games released Eon Altar: Prelude – The Siege https://www.gaminginstincts.com/wp-admin/post-new.phpof Tarnum, a free demo that introduces players to the lore and world of Eon Altar, it’s an introductory episode to Season One of the Eon Altar story, giving players a taste of the growing fantasy tale players can expect in episodes 1 and 2, this prelude chapter is now available for free on Steam, ahead of the release of Episode 3 in early 2017.

Eon Altar: Prelude – The Siege of Tarnum is a RPG that blends its expansive and engaging story with an innovative second-screen mobile experience. In this Prelude episode, players will be able to choose from one of five unique characters in an hour-long campaign that begins to build the world around them. Lead your character through the critical Siege of Tarnum that sets the stage for Episode 1 of Eon Altar.

Check this trailer down below:

“The game takes a traditional RPG campaign and brings it into the digital age by fusing mobile controls with a PC title. While it is completely possible to take up the mantle of a hero on your own in solo mode, Eon Altar is enhanced when you gather your friends to participate in the quest with you. An innovative controller application is downloaded to your mobile device and is used to not only control your character, but to receive your quests and dialogue as well. You are encouraged to act out your character’s dialogue – or perhaps you’d rather keep their motives and monologues a secret from the party because it’s in your best interests! Will you do whatever it takes to lead your chosen character to their ultimate destiny – even if it means betraying the group?”

For more information about the game visit its official website.

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