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Embark on a Musical Journey of Self-Discovery in Distortions
Embark on a Musical Journey of Self-Discovery in Distortions

Embark on a Musical Journey of Self-Discovery in Distortions

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Embark on a Musical Journey of Self-Discovery in Distortions

Brazilian developer Among Giants is pleased to announce that the award-winning adventure game Distortions is launching today on Steam. Enter a realm where music, magic, and memories take on a whole new meaning in this stunning exploration of the human spirit.

After waking up in a strange, puzzling place where memories roam free like ghostly echoes, a young girl must use her musical gifts to find her way home. Beset with psychological pain, she will need to make peace with her past and learn to live in the moment in order to deal with unpleasant physical manifestations of days long gone. Equipped with her journal and violin, and guided by music, the girl must protect herself from the masked creatures that inhabit this land – creatures that may in fact have a deeper connection with her own memories….

In Distortions, you’ll experience a breathtakingly beautiful world filled with caves, mountains, and rivers. Can’t find your way? Shape the terrain around you with music – and hunt for clues to shed light on the next waypoint. With the aid of a strange masked monster, you must uncover new memories and eventually solve the mystery of the journal’s unknown author to overcome your past and open the door to a happier future.

“Distortions takes the intersection of music and games to its ultimate conclusion,” says Thiago Girello, CEO of Among Giants. “Of course, it helps that a large percentage of the team is Brazilian; music is virtually everywhere in Latin America’s largest country. We have gotten used to using music to overcome challenges, heal from our emotional or physical wounds, and nurture personal relationships. This dynamic is at the heart of Distortions – informing the gameplay every step of the way.”

Key Features

  • Immerse yourself in a poetic, compelling narrative of perseverance, mystery, and lost memories.
  • Use the power of music to shape the world around you.
  • Experience innovative, modular gameplay that changes according to the story’s “rhythm.”
  • Learn to use five unique abilities to tame awe-inspiring creatures.
  • Enjoy multiple gameplay styles – from side-scrolling to open-world exploration.

Check out the Trailer:

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