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Street fighter V
Street fighter V

Eleven Reportedly Coming To Street Fighter V – Updated

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Update: Eleven, Dan, and Rose has been confirmed to be included in the next update of Street Fighter V.

Releasing alongside Dan on February 22, Eleven will be available as a free bonus with a purchase of the Season V pass. Eleven is confirmed to be a prototype version of Street Fighter III’s Twelve. Eleven is able to shape-shift into other life-forms and was created by Gill’s secret organization.



Original Story

Twitch may have leaked another Street Fighter V character to be added soon. The leak reveals that Eleven, a humanoid shapeshifting fighter will be joining the roster very soon.

The streaming platform sent information to encourage fans to check out a recap of recent announcements for the game, however, those announcements hadn’t happened yet. Twitch did not reveal a timeframe for the character release.

AllGamesDelta has shared the notification sent by Twitch. Take a look at it in this tweet down below.

The reveal is expected to take place alongside a discussion about the game’s Winter Update with an exclusive unveiling of Eleven. Capcom teased recently the winter update discussions with a possible reveal of the character later today.

For those who didn’t play Street Fighter 3 Third Strike, Twelve is the result of multiples experiments performed by evil scientific forces. The character is a shapeshifting humanoid weapon.

Urien’s story features Eleven, an early prototype of Twelve. The character is built using some of the physical parts used in the revival of Charlie Nash.

Street Fighter V Winter Update will go live in just one hour, be sure to refresh this article for the latest information.

Stay tuned at Gaming Instincts via Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook for more gaming news.

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