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Elden Ring Has Officially Gone Gold
Elden Ring Has Officially Gone Gold

Elden Ring Has Officially Gone Gold

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After suffering a brief delay, being pushed from January into February of this year, Elden Ring has officially gone gold. This means the developer From Software has finished development on their long-awaited game, with a “Master” version being submitted for approval. The work is not fully completed for the developer, however, as they are currently hard at work on a day one patch that will offer some updates and optimization.

The news that Elden Ring had officially gone gold was announced during the Taipei Game Show, where developer From Software also discussed the game’s length. Producer Yasuhiro Kitao stated that, while the amount of time spent can vary based on certain factors, the main route in the game should take roughly 30 hours.

He stated:

This will differ significantly by player but in terms of targets set during development, the idea is that the main route should be able to be completed within around 30 hours. The game as a whole is quite massive, and contains many dozens more hours worth of gameplay but if we are talking about the main route only, it shouldn’t take much longer than that.

From Software has yet to offer any indication as to what the day one patch will do, simply stating that these updates and optimizations will be made in response to feedback gathered from the closed network tests. Most likely we will get more information about them closer to the date of release.

Elden Ring is the latest game from From Software, the developer best known for Dark Souls and Bloodborne. While this latest game is still expected to have some of the soul-crushing difficulty of other games from the studio, it has been stated to be easier and more accessible than them. It will also feature lore written by Game of Thrones creator George R. R. Martin.

With the news that Elden Ring has gone gold players should feel say that it will meet its current February 25, 2022 release date. It will be available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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