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Elden Ring
Elden Ring

Elden Ring Features Leaked on 4Chan and Reddit – Rumor

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An alleged From Software’s concept artist has leaked information about the upcoming Elden Ring on 4chan and Reddit.

Disclaimer – This information has not been verified, therefore this is not factual.

The information is leaked online not by the concept artist, but by his friend, who affirms to have heard some key features of the game. All the information leaked is kept ambiguously as the artist is still under contract and may face a penalty from the company.

Minor things first:

  • The sky isn’t actually burning, but this is a reference to a concept that takes place in the world though

  • The game is apparently way more populated and you can find communities of NPCs

  • Character creation apparently grants a lot more freedom in all factors

  • Replacements for bonfires/checkpoints are called “anchors” and are shown as swords planted into the ground

More interesting stuff:

  • Minibosses make a return

  • The main boss count is 2nd highest, next to Dark Souls 2

  • You level up with what is called “Pride”, which are replacements for souls

  • 4 types of Magic as opposed to the normal 3

  • As well as pride, you have an alternate currency that is used for vendors and rare upgrades

  • The world isn’t massive, but it is packed to the brim

  • The non-official name for the world is “The Darkworld” (real name isn’t known to most employees apparently)

  • Area variety is prominent and different from the repeated zone types of previous games

  • Zones have themes like Sekiro which artists actually have to listen to while designing the area (quite interesting)

The leaker also affirms that Elden Ring is still a raw product, with some bugs and glitches throughout the game, but the core game is presumably finished.

“The studio won’t provide a release date until the game is 100% finished and they are confident in the product. If this is before the event, they will give a release date. And something that’s nice to hear, Miyazaki actually had a personal meeting with my friend and other employees in order to get to know them. He apparently is really nice and timid, but really smart in game design.”

Xbox boss, Phil Spencer recently revealed to Gamespot that he played Elden Ring at From Software’s HQ, he affirms that it’s Miyazaki’s most ambitious project.

Source: Reddit

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