EAFC 24: Still the Same Old FIFA Despite the New Name?

Electronic Arts and Fifa have decided to go separate ways, leaving the traditional FIFA series
with a new name — EAFC 24. However, with this change, many fans of the popular football
video game are wondering if this is simply a name rebrand or if the game itself will have
significant differences. Those who enjoy everything the previous games in the FIFA series
offer will be happy to know that the game will have everything you would expect, with some
exciting added features.

What Is Staying the Same?

You will still be able to play all of the teams in the world of football that you were able to do
before, in addition to playing as all of your favorite football stars. There will also be the
classic soundtrack that fans always look forward to listening to while playing. In EAFC 24,
you will have access to all of the different game modes that have been part of the previous
video games in the FIFA series, including the classic Quick Play for those who want a snappy
match, Player mode for regular games, and Manager Career mode for those who want to see
if they have what it takes to lead a team to a league title.

EA FIFA Ultimate Team

In addition, you will also be able to play tournament mode for those who have the
competitive urge to overcome every opposition in their unique way and be crowned the best
player out of all of their friends. The Volta street football game mode has become
increasingly popular and will return to EAFC 24, which many fans will be happy to hear.
Finally, EAFC 24 will also have Ultimate Team, one of the major selling points of the video
games belonging to this franchise. You can build your team from scratch and bid on players
to add to your roster before going up against opponents in online matches. If you are looking
to experience different games that are unlike those in the FIFA series, then you may have to
look elsewhere, as EAFC 24 will be very similar to the FIFA video games that came before it.

Are There Any New Features?

It may sound like EAFC 24 is bringing nothing new to the FIFA series; however, one new
feature is the PlayStyles system, which gives players buffs to their stats that mirror the
player’s strength in real life. This adds some realism to the game. For example, Lena
Oberdorf has the “Bruiser” PlayStyle, which shows strength in the game, allowing her to fend
off the opposition and maintain possession. Lionel Messi, on the other hand, has the
“Technical ball control” PlayStyle, which means he can handle tricky passes, execute
excellent dribbling techniques against defenders, and create chances to score.

Players in EAFC 24 can have several PlayStyles; however, only the top footballers in the
world have PlayStyle Plus — this is a signature move reserved for the greats that give them
empowered abilities to shine on the park. This feature makes the game more dynamic as
you can utilize specific players’ strengths in your tactics and consider them while selecting a

What’s New in Ultimate Team?

For those with a passion for Ultimate Team, you will be interested to know that EAFC 24 will
introduce the concept of Evolutions, which will allow you to level up players in your squad so
they perform better on the pitch. This will change the way Ultimate Team is played, as you no
longer have the option of buying better players to improve the quality of your squad. You can
develop specific players by completing challenges in-game to boost their stats and ability in
the same way players improve through training and experience playing with the same squad.

FIFA 21 Cover

Some additional changes that can be seen with EAFC 24 include some upgrades concerning
graphics, which make the players move in a much more realistic way. This is mainly due to
the Hypermotion animation system, which analyzes the movement of players in real life and
incorporates it into the game. From how the players interact with each other, tackle, stumble,
and even shoot, the technology can accurately mirror real-life footballer movements in the
video game.

Different in a Good Way

Overall, EAFC 24 is a game made for fans of the FIFA series, and despite having a different
name, it still has all of the components that people have loved from the games that came
before it. There are some exciting changes and additional features added to EAFC 24 that
keep the game fresh, but nothing so drastic that would discourage FIFA fans from playing
this game.

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