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EA Play
EA Play

EA Play Streams Have Been Pushed Back

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The road to E3 2019 is getting shorter and shorter as we are less than 4 weeks away from the biggest gaming event of the year. Being at the edge of new generation of consoles, has raised hopes to see more blasts than recent years at E3 2019, though Sony won’t be present in LA.

It’s been almost three years that Electronic Arts holds its own show one or two days before the official opening of E3 and policy will go on this year same as the previous years but with a push back in schedule. While June 7 had been set for EA Play’s livestreams, the update post for release of tickets revealed that the streams will go live on June 8th with one-day delay. The reason behind the delay remains unknown, unless EA announces the change in schedule officially.

While some shows like Netflix and Upload VR are going to make their debut at E3 2019, some others like EA Play will be present with a different style in comparison to the past years. This year’s EA Play won’t feature any press conference to showcase the new announcements, but instead, the Redwood team will host multiple streams that will be fully focused on showing off new details from Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, FIFA 20, Madden 20 and probably the new Need For Speed title along with a new entry for Plants Vs. Zombies series.

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