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Apex Legends
Apex Legends

EA Employee Suspected of Stealing Apex Account Information

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An Apex Legends player has alleged that a thief, who claimed to be an employee of EA Games, stole his account which was worth a total of 3,000. This thief, according to this player, had unprecedented access to their information, as well as their communications.

On the ranked EU server of Apex Legends, an ongoing exchange took place between this player and a person identifying themselves as an employee on the publisher of the title EA Games. This ’employee’ then proceeded to ask if he could see things stuff like badges and heirlooms. This player, being high there and getting asked this a lot, showed him some images through a discord chat. After leaving the computer for an hour he returned to find their account in use and they had been locked out. From there the account has had a rotating number of passwords attached to it in order to keep its rightful owner locked out.

From this point, of course, he attempts to contact EA for help, only for this thief to add them back on Discord and taunt him, asking when they were planning on getting off of support, even naming the specific support rep in his comment. This thief then went on to say “EA support can’t help you now. I work for EA”

Reddit user karankhushalani then published a lengthy post on the website, outlining the situation and what was currently happening and all of this can be seen there in deeper detail. According to EA support, they will begin investigating the individual that stole this account.

This was also stated to not be an isolated incident, as the Reddit user claimed that friend of his fell victim to this Thief as well.

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