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EA Access
EA Access

EA Access Will Be Coming to PS4 in July

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Along with publishing and developing numerous titles in different genres, it’s been a while that EA tries to expand its own running platform and market on PC and other devices. Origin is now a well-known platform for most of the PC gamers, as they have no choice to play the games publishing by EA on any digital market other than the Redwoodian company’s software. However, managing a market needs some special services and bonuses for the users and that’s what EA does with its EA Access subscription, which is now confirmed to be available on PS4.

While PC and Xbox owners were already familiar with EA/Origin Access subscription, PS4 players have never had the chance to try out EA’s famous service that allows you to play some of the publisher’s notable previous titles by paying monthly or yearly subscriptions. But finally, while the end of the current-gen is near to come, EA announced that its service will find its way to PS4 as of July this year.

Along with granting access to games like Battlefield 1, Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst and UFC 3, the service also implies a default 10% discount on any EA-published game that you want to buy from markets. In addition to this, you will also gain the access to play any newly released titles for 10 hours with all the features available, to decide whether you like to purchase it or not.

EA Access will charge PS4 players $4.99 for each month or $29.99 for a yearly subscription.

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