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Destiny 2 Forsaken
Destiny 2 Forsaken

E3 2018 – Destiny 2: Forsaken’s story trailer

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E3 2018 – Destiny 2 Forsaken Expansion Story Trailer

Bungie revealed a new story trailer for “Destiny 2: Forsaken” at the PlayStation E3 press conference on Monday night.

The clip shows a clearly beaten Cayde-6, everyone’s favorite obnoxious Hunter Vanguard, as he’s seemingly facing execution by an Awoken from The Reef (possibly the Queen’s brother) and carted off to parts unknown. In other words, there are consequences in this storyline.

Guardians may only truly die when they lose their light, but Cayde’s ghost is taken out just before he goes down. The final shot of the trailer looks to be the player’s Guardian holding a lifeless Cayde-6 in their arms.

The developers said that much of “Forsaken’s” action will take place in a new region of the Reef called the Tangled Shore, a collection of lashed-together rocks and asteroids. It’s a haven for pirates, assassins, and thieves.

“Warmind,” the second expansion for “Destiny 2,” was released last month. Both “Warmind” and the previous DLC event, “Curse of Osiris,” were developed in large part by the Activision-owned studio Vicarious Visions.

“Destiny 2: Forsaken” launches on Sept. 4 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

Check out the Trailer:

The new ninety second story spot just spoils the big twist outright. In an almost completely silent trailer, we see a battered Cayde-6 get his Ghost shot down, the camera swivels around the Prince Uldren himself, and after a gunshot, we see a dead Cayde killed with his own weapon.

The trailer ends with a still of a Guardian carrying Cayde’s body. Even if this plot development may have been coming, I didn’t think Bungie would use it as marketing material but here we are.

Now, even though his Ghost is dead, and he is possibly dead this is Destiny where A) the Traveler can do pretty much anything it wants including bringing anyone back to life. B) Cayde is an exo, and might be able to be rebuilt/reprogramed and return as say, Cayde-7. Or, he stays dead and Bungie doesn’t have to shell out voicework cash to Nathan Fillion anymore.

Honestly, I hope he stays dead. Not because I don’t like Cayde-6 (though he has gotten a bit grating in the D2 era), but because the death would then actually mean something, and the revenge plot of Forsaken would land better.

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