Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 Will Get Long-Lasting Post-Launch Support, Regardless of the Release of Next-Gen Consoles

Next generation of consoles will be arriving in approximately a year and a half and while it might seem so interesting for us as players and users, the third-party developers out there would have struggles in supporting current-gen consoles as main launch platforms, while keeping an eye out for getting their game on the new devices. However, people behind Dying Light 2 has pretty different idea about this.

Speaking to Dualshockers, producer at Techland Kornel Jaskula revealed that the supporting plan for Dying Light 2 will be similar the first entry of the game, no matter when the new consoles arrive, and it’s awesome for the fans. If you remember the early days of launch for Dying Light, the game’s performance wasn’t as good as it is now. Huge suitcases of new contents hit the first installment with great timing after launch, and the same is going to happen for the sequel, though Dying Light 2 is promised to be a better hit as of launch. Kornel Jaskula said:

There are many consoles out there with the current generation so we believe that they are not going to be scraped just after the release of the new generation of consoles. There’s going to be many console out there that will still need support. Players will still use the current generation consoles so the market is going to be as big as it is right now. There’s not going to be fewer players.

Dying Light 2 will be launching in Spring 2020 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Recently at E3 2019, a new gameplay footage has been revealed for the game that we’ve shared it with you at Gaming Instincts. Also, you can read our Interview with one of the developers at E3 to get more in-depth details on the upcoming zombie apocalypse of Techland.

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