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DualSense Controller Looks Huge in Leaked Picture

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An alleged picture of the DualSense controller has been leaked on the ResetEra forums, the controller is apparently bulky and somewhat big compared to the DualShock 4.

Disclaimer – This information has not been verified, therefore this is not factual.

DualSense Leak

There is right now a debate in the ResetEra forums as the original post does not mention where is the source of the controller, also, there is not an image from the back of the device. Other users also point some imperfections in the joysticks and the home and share button, this could be the case of a 3d printed controller.

If the image is, in fact displaying a real DualSense, then its hard to guess the size of the controller, the person in the picture might have really small hands, or the perspective of the photo makes the controller look bigger. Certainly, the DualSense will bring a lot of new technology, from haptic feedback to adaptive triggers. Some new tech might need more room in the case, so is very likely that the new controller is in fact larger than all previous DualShock controllers.

Quantum Error developer recently talked about the DualSense, here is what he say:

“We are going to make every gunshot vibrate the side of the hand that would be holding the handle of the gun, vibrate the controller dynamically according to where the enemy hits you. We are going to have the player go to doors that have the possibility of backdraught explosions and the character will place his left hand on the door and if it’s hot the controller will vibrate on the left side of the controller to warn the player of an explosion if that door is opened”

Source: ResetEra

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