E3 2016: Dual Universe Teaser Trailer

E3 2016: Dual Universe Teaser Trailer

At the PC Gaming Show during E3 2016, Novaquark’s Jean-Christophe Baillie showed off the first-ever video footage of Dual Universe, the upcoming sci-fi MMO that takes place in a persistent, shared, single-shard universe. In the trailer, you see a little bit of voxel-based building, exploration is just one role that should be possible in this ambitious project, however, as the time-honored space professions of mining, piracy, and trading are also promised.

Dual Universe’s crafting and building system, after which the astronaut climbs in and blasts off, taking a tour from one planet to another. The take-off, flight through space, and landing all happen seamlessly.

Check out the E3 Trailer:

“It’s unclear why the game is called Dual Universe, since Novaquark is highlighting the fact that it takes place in a “single continuous, undivided universe.”

On stage, Novaquark founder Jean-Christophe Baillie described Dual Universe as a place where everything is possible, where players can alter the world physically, politically and economically. They’ll be able to build ships, houses, space stations and cities with minerals that they harvest from the ground. They’ll be able to cooperate in building political systems and economies, but they’ll also be able to wage war and change the balance of power.”

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