Dress Up as Okami’s Amaterasu in Monster Hunter Generations

Crossovers are not a new thing for the Monster Hunter franchise. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate sawZelda, Mario, Sonic, Samus and Street Fighter all as free DLC packs. Now the recently announced Monster Hunter Generations is getting in on the action with Okami DLC. Players will be able to dress up their Felyne companion as the legendary wolf, Amaterasu, complete with the character’s divine Glaive weapon.

You will look like Okami’s main character, Amaterasu, albeit with a cat’s face. It comes as a white bodysuit with its iconic red markings, and a wolf hood. You even get to use Amaterasu’s glaive sword in battle.

This announcement comes just two days after Okami celebrated its 10th anniversary.

Check out the Trailer:

“The game footage paints quite a clear picture. The Palico dressed as Amaterasu has a Divine Retribution Reflector on its back and wields a Tsumugari Glaive. It also shows the Palico fighting enemies and interacting with people in the village.”

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