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Dragon Quest VII for 3DS ‘Discover The Haven’ Trailer

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Dragon Quest VII for 3DS ‘Discover The Haven’ Trailer

Nintendo have released a new trailer for the 3DS port of Dragon Quest VII. This new trailer introduces Haven, an uninhabited area in the game where you can invite monsters to live.

It turns out you can populate the island with reformed monsters you find around the rest of the world, with one example being a wistful former Slime who talks in nothing but goo’d puns.

By getting these monsters to move into the Haven you’ll not only receive a Traveler’s Tablet, a unique item that unlocks a special dungeon featuring the monster you recruited, but also over time the town will expand with new buildings, including churches and casinos.

Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past is due out for 3DS in North America and Europe on September 16.

Check out the Trailer:

“At one point in the adventure, you will unlock a special island. It seems completely empty at first, but there’s one person living there: Carey. That place is called The Haven, and Carey asks you to bring monsters to live there.

When invited to The Haven, the monsters give you a Traveler’s Tablet: those allow you to access a special dungeon. In total, there’s 50 traveler’s tablets to be found in the game.

In The Haven, you can find various facilities, including a secret Casino (where you can win in-game presents). There’s also the Tower Safe House, where the monsters you receive via StreetPass are kept.”

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