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Dragon Quest Heroes II Multiplayer Boss Battle Gameplay

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Dragon Quest Heroes II Multiplayer Boss Battle Gameplay

Dragon Quest Heroes II is releasing later this month in Japan and V-Jump’s latest footage shows us one of its more exciting parts with some multiplayer gameplay action.

The footage starts at around the 2:25 mark of the video, where V-Jump and two staff members from Square Enix get a party setup consisting of the male protagonist Razel, Jessica and Angelo from Dragon Quest VIII, and Torneko from Dragon Quest IV. The party will team up to take on the powerful boss, Akuma no Kishi, or Knight Abhorrent.

The Knight Abhorrent throws all kinds of different effects such as heal disables and also has minion monsters show up to make things tougher for the party. It’s recommended that you give it your all, including using your monster transformations and going High Tension when able.

After the rather tough battle, we get to a look at a bunch of store-exclusive bonus weapons at the 7:54 mark of the video.

Dragon Quest Heroes II: The Twin Kings and the Prophecy’s End is due out for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PS Vita in Japan on May 27.

Check out the Trailer:

“The video showcases a multiplayer boss battle, and towards the end you can also see the bonus weapons granted as bonuses by various Japanese retailers.”

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