Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 DLC ‘DB Super Pack 3’ Launches in April

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 DLC ‘DB Super Pack 3’ Launches in April

Launching in April, the DB Super Pack 3 for Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 puts the focus on the Dragon Ball Super Future Trunks saga and features three extra characters – Goku Black Rose, Zamasu, and Bojack – as well as additional skills, parallel quests, and more.

The pack will also include Bojack as a master, but you’ll need to own Bojack’s Costume to get him. The costume is available in the TP Medal Shop “this weekend and for all weekends to come.”

Here’s what you’ll get in the DB Super Pack 3:

  • 3 Extra Characters: Goku Black Rose, Zamasu and Bojack.
  • 3 New Parallel Quests
  • 5 Additional Skills
  • 4 Added Costumes
  • 5 Super Souls
  • 2 Emotes
  • Bojack as a Master, leading to new quests to unlock new Skills, Chats, Marks, and Nicknames.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is now available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. A Switch version is also in development.

Check out some Screenshots:

The DLC Pack 4 will possibly feature Merged Zamasu and Super Saiyan Blue Vegito just like how Champa and Vados were released in DLC Pack 2, according to UnrealEntGaming’s YouTube channel.

Merged Zamasu is the fusion of Future Zamasu and Black Goku since Black Goku is actually a Zamasu from an alternate timeline who just took over Goku’s body and killed him. While Vegito is the Potara fusion of Son Goku and Vegeta since both combined to fight Merged Zamasu and got the power of the Super Saiyan Blue form.

Masayuki Hirano, the game’s producer, said the publisher’s aspiration to bring in contents from “Dragon Ball Super”. Hirano also wanted to bring in the possibility of incorporating future contents based on suggestions from the community.

No official information was released by Bandai Namco Entertainment on exactly when in April will the DLC Pack 3 will be released and what is included in the pack but surely it will deliver a great significance in the game.

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