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Dragon Ball Fusions Full-Length Trailer – 3DS

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Dragon Ball Fusions Full-Length Trailer – 3DS

Bandai Namco has released the teaser trailer for Dragon Ball Fusions, its Ganbarion-developed 3DS game formerly known as Dragon Ball: Project Fusion due out in Japan in 2016.

Dubbed “Dragon Ball‘s first collection- and training-type RPG,” the game is set in a mysterious world where Fusion can be freely performed. In a story that crosses time and space, players will create their own avatar, “search for,” “assemble,” and “train” Dragon Ball characters while adventuring alongside them.

The game will put a large focus on fusion characters. By using a Capsule Corp-made bracelet, new fusions called “EX Fusions” have become possible. New fusions include Karoly (Kakarot (Goku) x Broly; spelled the same way as “calorie” in Japanese), Gorillin (young Goku x Krillin), Krigohan (Gohan x Krillin; a pun on the word chestnut rice), and Prillin (Piccolo x Krillin).

Check out the Trailer:

[yframe url=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=259&v=xVqrKZdv3aI’]

“The trailer gives us a look on gameplay and environments, including the fusion feature, that lets you perform any fusion you may ever have dreamed of (including some pretty weird ones).”

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