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Dragon Ball Fighter Z: 5 DLC Character We Want To See Next
Dragon Ball Fighter Z: 5 DLC Character We Want To See Next

Dragon Ball Fighter Z: 5 DLC Character We Want To See Next

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As great as the roster already is for Dragon Ball FighterZ, giving us a mix of the old and the new, it lacks a large number of characters. As we all know by now DLC will eventually add more to the roster of fighters, two of those already being revealed as Bardock and Broly. What about the rest of the DLC characters, as they are unconfirmed we’re left to speculate and hope for what they may be. Well today let’s go over Gaming Instincts top 5 characters we’d like to see added to the Dragon Ball FighterZ roster.

#5 – Zarbon


Frieza’s second in command during the Frieza Saga. Zarbon was shown to be an adequate fighter when he bested vegeta with the greatest ease during their first encounter. Zarbon also has the ability to transform into his monster form which could raise his damage output and be its own move much like the golden Frieza transformation. He could also come equipped with his trademark Shooting Star Arrow move which visually could be awesome. His elegant blaster would also fit with the screen filling energy blasts we’re used to when playing FighterZ.

Zarbon is also good for rush attacks in his monster from. Using moves like monster crush or monster impact as seen in previous Dragon Ball games. The two forms could also come with speed differences. While Zarbon’s normal form would be quick and agile with normal damage output, his monster form would be slow and sluggish with a higher damage output much like that of Android 16. Much like Android 18 with her Android 17 assists, Zarbon could have a assist from Dodoria, Frieza’s third in command.

#4 – Cooler (Final Form)


Cooler, the brother of Frieza. Appearing in two movies and sporting multiple forms, Cooler is a force to be reckoned with. As we’ve seen in Revenge of Cooler, his strength is his main asset when going against Goku. The best way to use him would be to have as a Android 16 type character. Slow moving all around but very dangerous up-close. Cooler is a large guy in his final form and using that to his advantage sounds like a good strategy.

Cooler favors rush attacks so that would more than likely take up the majority of his special attacks. He could also sport his trademark supernova move, and the death beam favored by him and his brother Frieza. We chose Cooler’s final form as this is the most popular version of Cooler, as well as his most diverse in the way of special attacks.

# 3 Jiren


Arguably one of the strongest opponents in all of Dragon Ball lore and the antagonist of the current arc of Dragon Ball Super, Jiren is an obvious pick for a DLC character. His strength alone nets him a spot on this list as he is a powerhouse of force. Strength is a big part of FighterZ and Jiren fits the role very well. Any of the pride troopers could be DLC fighters but Jiren stands out as the obvious choice here.

Although some people could argue that he is too overpowered to be included in Dragon Ball FighterZ. The again everyone looks overpowered when inserted into FighterZ, even Yamcha.

#2 – Master Roshi


Master Roshi has been one of the main staples of the entire Dragon Ball series. He’s a powerhouse of strength, if you’ve been watching the Super series you’ll be reminded how powerful Master Roshi is. Roshi is often forgotten about when it comes to Dragon Ball Fighting games. It’d be awesome to transform into Max Power Roshi. A huge muscular martial arts master, who wouldn’t pick Roshi? A max power Kamehameha would also be a great destructive finish move.

Even using the normal form of Roshi would be a blast to play, as he would play more as Gotenks with his turtle shell and cane. This old man still has a lot of fight left, and Dragon Ball FighterZ just might be the best place to show it.

#1 – Vegito


You knew it was coming, go on any forum on internet and you’ll find one reoccurring collective thought. Vegito needs to be included into the FighterZ roster. the strongest fusion of Goku and Vegeta. One of the most popular characters in the series, Vegito was the strongest character in the series pre-super.  Vegito’s mixture of Goku’s candid spirit and Vegeta’s cutthroat attitude is sure to anger the losing opponent as he claims victory. We can’t deny it would be awesome to see some of Vegito’s signature moves in FighterZ. Moves like Final Kamehameha and Spirit Cannon.

It would also be pretty funny to see the interaction between Goku and Vegeta vs their combined counterpart. It’s likely that he would play much like Goku. A balanced level of speed and strength allows for good combo inputs and control of your character. If Vegito ever was to join the FighterZ roster it would more than likely be the Vegito Blue form. There is the argument that there are enough saiyans already in the game, but Vegito has enough flare and uniqueness to him to warrant a spot for him on the roster.

This was Gaming Instincts top 5 picks for Dragon Ball FighterZ characters. What did you think about our list, and who do you think should be included in the upcoming DLC? Leave a comment down below, give us your thoughts as we read each and every comment that comes our way. Be sure to check our review on FighterZ on our Youtube channel above.


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