Doom trailer for all nine multiplayer maps


Doom trailer for all nine multiplayer maps

The new Doom teaser is called “Multiplayer Maps Explored,” but I think that’s overstating it a bit, after all, it’s hard to get much exploration done when you’ve got 43 seconds to cover nine different maps, however, there’s a slightly more detailed breakdown of Doom’s deadly maps, as well as a few notes about some of the surprises they’ll contain.

  • Excavation. A modest-sized UAC mining outpost. Watch out for the rock grinder!
  • Infernal. A mid-sized Hell map with both interior and exterior elements. Lots of platforms and chasms, along with teleporters.
  • Chasm. This massive map takes you deep below the polar ice caps of Mars. A great place to play Freeze Tag.
  • Disposal. This smaller map is the main waste processing facility for the UAC research and residential complexes. Unsurprisingly, it’s full of radioactive slime.
  • Helix. This is where they experiment on demons and develop advanced weaponry. Which, naturally, makes it perfect for a quick round of Clan Arena.
  • Perdition. Disjointed and sadistic, this ancient arena is populated by the agonized moans of unfortunate souls who have suffered within its realm.
  • Sacrilegious. Set within a fracture of Hell, this map offers clear lines of sight. Move fast… or die faster.
  • Heatwave. An industrial UAC facility with glistening halls that will soon be slicked with human (and demon) blood.
  • Beneath. Before being beamed to Earth, the energies of Hell are harnessed in this symmetrical and cavernous location.

The Doom closed multiplayer beta – available only to those who bought Wolfenstein: The New Order – will be available from 31st March – 3rd April and contain the Heatwave and Infernal maps, along with two modes: Team Deathmatch and Warpath.

Doom will launch on 13th May for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Check the Trailer:

“It’s obvious the theme here is Hell, because each map showcases its own bit of hellish gameplay. Disposal looks like the wasteland from a dangerous chemical dump, for example, and Chasm takes players into the depths of a damp cave. Although I think it’s safe to say the gameplay that we see in the trailer appears just as panicked as we remember from DOOM games, keeping that very familiar and beloved style.”

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