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Doom Eternal
Doom Eternal

Doom Eternal Will Use a Bit Different Way in Story-Telling Compared to Its Predecessor

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Almost a month ago, we’ve welcomed Rage 2 from Bethesda to our platforms and despite having a solid shooter style, the game failed in terms of story and even some vital gameplay elements like the variety of missions and quests. But don’t get disappointed yet. This year is still going to have another first-person shooter from Bethesda and more specifically id Software. Doom Eternal will be coming later this year and here are some details on its story-telling from the developer.

id Software has decided to consider some new ways in telling the story of Doom Slayer in Doom Eternal in order to provide a more understandable story and protagonist compared to the game’s predecessor. In the wake of reaching such an aim, id Software has changed the point of view in quite a bit of cut-scenes in Doom Eternal, which wasn’t the case at all in the previous title.

Speaking to VG247, Hugo Martin, the art director behind the game said:

So with this game, and all we wanted to do, and the questions we wanted to answer, and the whole new spectacle of it all, we really felt like telling parts of the story through more conventional means, we could really boost the feel of who the Slayer is, what he’s doing. It just gives you a lot of freedom to tell the story and represent the lore in a way that’s very approachable and understandable.

Speaking of new method in directing cut-scenes, Martin also made it clear with the fans by just saying that the new way is also more efficient compared to a fully first person title, allowing developer to reach its goals in an easier way than it used to achieve them. He added:

And it’s more efficient. I mean a lot of times if you stay first-person, it’s harder, it gets more complicated, there’s more moments of, ‘stand still while someone vomits exposition at you and, why aren’t I engaging, why am I standing still, I’m the Doom Slayer?’ So if you notice with all the scenes, there’s a fluidity to them. Every single decision, whether it’s third-person cut-scenes or big floating guns, it’s in the service of the game. That’s it. It’s better for the game, we do it.

Doom Eternal will be available on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch and Stadia on November 22 this year.

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