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DOOM Eternal
DOOM Eternal

DOOM Eternal New Trailer Revealed

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id Software have released a new trailer for the upcoming Doom Eternal, this new trailer reveals more from the game’s story, and how to make demons explode.

Check DOOM Eternal’s second trailer gruesome trailer down below:


DOOM Eternal was planned to be released on 2019 but the team at id Software decided that after a successful return to the iconic franchise,  the next goal would be to deliver a game that exceed even the greatest expectations. A delay took place

“To make sure we’re delivering the best experience – for DOOM Eternal to live up to our standards of speed and polish- we’ve made the decision to extend our launch date by a few months to March 20, 2020.

We know many fans will be disappointed by this delay, but we are confident that DOOM Eternal will deliver a gaming experience that is worth the wait. “

DOOM Eternal will feature ‘Invasion Mode’, this an online multiplayer mode that will let players invade other players as a demon. This mode is confirmed to be a free downloadable content and will release shortly after launch.

Other additions are extra lives, explained by executive producer Marty Stratton the “Checkpoint system” will avoid players to go all the way back to the checkpoint and encounter the same demons they’ve already beaten. Other good explanation is that, if a skilled player invades a other player, it can be quite frustrating. This extra live “kicks in” and players “will be invulnerable for a little bit”. Players will be able to keep fighting right back where they left off.

“So if you’re almost to another checkpoint or you’re in a boss fight or something, your extra life, if you die, kicks in and the screen goes grey and you are invulnerable for a little bit. You can keep fighting, reposition yourself, and you’re right back in the action where you left off without losing any progress.”

id Software also confirmed a Nintendo Switch port will also be available, a release date has not been set.

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