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DOOM Eternal
DOOM Eternal

DOOM Eternal – Giveaway

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Hello Slayers,

Do you enjoy slaying demons? Do you love ultra-violence? Are you excited to visit hell on Earth once again, kick ass and chew bubblegum alongside the DOOM guy? Then look no further, as our official giveaway for DOOM Eternal is now live – Gaming Instincts is proud to give the fans the opportunity to slay demons in the next entry of the DOOM franchise.

Follow the Gleam Link right here to enter the giveaway and read the rules below:

  • The giveaway will end on March 31st
  • Winner will be announced on April 1st
  • PS4, Xbox One and PC are all available (Winner’s preference)
  • USA Entries ONLY
  • If the winner does not respond in a 24 hour period, another winner will be chosen.

Check out our Top 10 DOOM Eternal article right here as well, while you wait in anticipation for the release.

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