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Dontnod Entertainment Has Two Games Under Wraps

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While we was assuming Twin Mirror and Life Is Strange 2 are two main visions of Dontnod for the future, the studio announced that aside from these two, there are two other unannounced projects that the team is working on right now. While we didn’t get any further detail on these two titles, but it seems surprising for a studio like Dontnod to develop 4 different games at once.

During a press release in purpose of unveiling the studio’s financial performance, the news above revealed by Dontnod. Aside from studio’s future projects, the press release also revealed that revenue of Dontnod during last year, sees 47.4% increase in comparison to 2017. While two years ago the studio achieved €9.7 million, last year’s revenues reached €14.3 million, which is due to the growth of productions within the studio.

With such a great growth in revenues, it’s not so surprising that the studio still tries to develop more games in the same time to secure the number of productions at a satisfying number, in order to save the increasing way of revenues.

Dontnod’s latest title is Life Is Strange 2, which has been received exact release dates for all of it’s episodes. On the other hand, Twin Mirror is still on the development process and we haven’e got any release window for it so far.

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[…] Life is Strange 2 and their upcoming Twin Mirror title, there’s also a rumor that DontNod has two other unannounced titles in development. One of these could very well be the new “ambitious” game stated […]