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DJ Lazlow Jones Has Left Rockstar Games

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Lazlow Jones is a writer, and producer of the Grand Theft Auto series, but he is best known for taking the recurrent role of DJ Lazlow, the veteran worked for nearly two decades for the GTA franchise.

Since Grand Theft Auto 3, fans could count with Lazlow to entertain them throughout long road trips, in the early entries of GTA the soundtrack was often repetitive, Lazlow was a funny radio host who often progressed with the story. The real Lazlow Jones, has left the company as a developer, and will not continue his work as a voice-over actor.

In a commoving Instagram post, Lazlow reveals the reasons behind his decision, his sister was diagnosed with terminal cancer, he will be taking care of her.

“When the pandemic hit it made the situation radically difficult and even more onerous in caring for someone with cancer,” Jones wrote. “But it exposed and strengthened a lot of solidarity among friends, family and neighbours you used to barely speak to as people rallied to fight an unseen enemy, look after each other, and unite to get through an insanely stressful and challenging time.

“Journeys begin and end, and this one is nearing the end. Fortunately, I’ve had a lot of love and support from friends through this. Hopefully you can reach out and be kind to a friend or stranger, as it makes all the difference in the world, as we don’t know how long we’ll be in it.”

Recent information from Rockstar Games suggests that Grand Theft Auto VI might be announced soon, Jason Schreier confirmed the development of Grand Theft Auto VI through information leaked from Rockstar Games’ insiders. According to what Schreier was told,  Rockstar opted for a different approach in the next installment of GTA, the game will release on a much smaller scale compared to GTA V, the game would later be expanded through DLC.

Source: EuroGamer

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