Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade ‘Alexandria’ Stage Trailer


Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade ‘Alexandria’ Stage Trailer

Dissidia Final Fantasy on arcade is getting an update this month that adds the new “Alexandria Castle Town” map from Final Fantasy IX, and Square Enix showed it off in their newest trailer.

The stage showcases the memorable plaza, where you might remember Vivi playing some jump rope. There’s a neat bonus of the stage when you get to see Alexandria looking its best, too.

Dissidia Final Fantasy  has launched in November 2015 on Japan arcades. According to previous reports a PlayStation 4 version is “under consideration”, however, there has been no news since the PlayStation 4 version was suggested months before the game’s initial release.

Check out the Trailer for the New stage:

“The majestic city of Alexandria serves as the opening act in Final Fantasy IX, and today, we learn it’s the newest locale to get representation in Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade. Seen in the video and images below, the stage features a remix of “Sword of Fury” originally composed by Nobuo Uematsu.”

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