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Star Wars
Star Wars

Disney Teasing New Star Wars Video Game Announcement In December

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As part of a publishing campaign that will be announcing a new Star Wars product every Tuesday through to the end of the year, Disney and Lucasfilm are teasing the announcement of a new Star Wars game for December.  This announcement was made on the official Star Wars website.

On their website, the company has launched what is being called the “Bring Home the Bounty” campaign. Included in this series of announcements related to the campaign they have started “new Star Wars toys, collectibles, books, apparel and more” will be getting weekly reveals through to the end of December.

This website also has a roadmap, allowing fans to get a glimpse of what they might be able to expect moving forward. Most weeks display a picture that relates to certain characters such as Boba Fett, Baby Yoda, Ahsoka and more possibly hinting that the merch will be related to these characters for those weeks. However, on December 14th we do not get a character. Instead, we see a gamepad controller hinting that some form of video game might be coming that day.

Unfortunately, this does not give us any indication if this announcement will be for a new or existing IP in the Star Wars universe. There are a few games that we know are in development for the franchise. For instance, with the EA deal with Star Wars nearing its end, Ubisoft is stepping in to develop an open-world RPG set in the galaxy far, far, away.

Despite the fact that the EA deal is set to expire that does not bar them from developing more games in the universe as well. With the success of Jedi: Fallen Order there is little doubt that they will develop a sequel to the title.

Aspyr, most know for remaking older titles, has also recently showcased their first teaser for their full remake of Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic which remains one of the most beloved video games based on the IP to date. Another rumor has also suggested Heavy Rain and Detriot: Become Human developer Quantic Dream might also have a Star Wars game in development.

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