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Star Wars
Star Wars

Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic Remake Confirmed

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A while back rumors began circulating that Star Wars would be getting a remake of one of its most popular franchises, Knights of The Old Republic. During the PlayStation Showcase, we were finally offered confirmation of this with a brief teaser for the game.

The trailer for Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic: Remake simply shows a hooded figure walk out onto the screen as the iconic music from the franchise plays. There is a narration that makes clear this is Star Wars. Finally, we see the figure unsheath his red lightsaber and lunge forward to reveal the mask of Darth Revan, the primary villain in the narrative of the game.

While this is all they showcased we do know some additional facts about the game. For starters, we know that the game is being built from the ground up with an emphasis on “maintaining that integrity of story and characters from the original.” We also know that the lead developers on the project are Aspyr who are known for porting other Star Wars games such as Jedi Knight and Republic Commando.

The game was also announced during its brief time at the Showcase to be a PlayStation 5 timed console exclusive, with a version for Windows PC at the same time. It is expected that the game will eventually make its way to other consoles such as Xbox or even stadia, but a timeframe on any additional versions is not clear currently.

This is definitely a good get for Sony as this is a game people have been asking to be remade for several years now. It should be interesting to see the game when Aspyr is finally able to show us gameplay. For now, we will just have to wait until then.

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