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characters from d4
characters from d4

Disgaea4+ Complete – Demo Released

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With Halloween just around the corner, things are beginning to ramp up again in terms of game releases. Luigi’s Mansion 3, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, MediEvil, The Outer Worlds and others all are vying for our attention as October comes to a close. Don’t get caught sleeping though because there are plenty of non-AAA games coming out before Halloween. One of those games is Disgaea 4+ Complete, a strategy RPG dropping for Nintendo Switch and the PlayStation 4 on October 29th. It almost seems like NIS knows that the game is flying under the radar as they released a demo for the game yesterday.

If you’re a fan of Final Fantasy Tactics, Fire Emblem or games of that ilk the Disgaea series is right up your alley. NIS has been remastering some of their previous Disgaea games after the success of Disgaea 5 at the beginning of this generation. The original Disgaea was remastered last year and now NIS is giving the 4th installment of the series a remaster. The demo released yesterday for Nintendo Switch & PlayStation allowing users to play through the first chapter of the game. However, if this is like previous Disgaea demos (and other RPGs to be honest) not only will the data carry over to the full game, but you should be able to grind your character through the levels continuously if you want. Disgaea’s main mind-blowing feature is the amount of customization you can give your characters. Players can level all the way up to Level 9,999 and still have a legitimate challenge to go through.

Disgaea 4+ Complete is a remaster of the original Disgaea 4 which released back on the PS3 in 2011 and then re-released on the PS Vita in 2014. As someone who is still playing through Disgaea 5 for the Nintendo Switch two years later with over 200 hours played, this is a must-play for SRPG fans. You can check out the demo for Disgaea 4+ Complete on PS4 and Nintendo Switch in their respective stores right now.

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