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Dirge – Hard Time Attack Speed Slaying Guide

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Dirge – Hard Time Attack Speed Slaying Guide

Dirge is a giant sandworm that you will be facing as the tenth colossus in Shadow of the Colossus. The required time to kill him is under the 4:30 mark. The fight is quite simple, you get on your horse and run around until Dirge pops his head out of the sand. Equip your bow and shoot him in one of his eyes. Once you hit him in the eye, Dirge will come crashing into a wall. That’s your queue to run up to him, grab on to his body, and start stabbing his first vital point. You should have more than enough time to destroy his first sigil. After that, repeat the same process by going back on your horse, kiting around, and shooting him in the eye once he pops out. Climb up his body, go up to the second vital point near his head, and stab him until he dies. Easy-peasy. It’s a very simple fight; it just requires some decent aiming with the bow. The hitboxes are very forgiving.

Please refer to the full commentary video guide down below if you’re having difficulties or if you just simply prefer a visual guide instead.

Video Guide

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