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Digital Extremes and Airship Syndicate Announce Free-to-play Action Game

Warframe Developer Digital Extremes, in collaboration with developer Airship Syndicate, have announced a new free-to-play third-person action game set in a “brand new, original world where adventure with friends is the name of the game.” The game’s name and release date were not revealed, but a full reveal is set for The Game Awards 2022. An announcement video for the partnership was also revealed.

Digital Extremes head of external projects Richard Browne commented on the game in a press release saying:

“I signed Darksiders at THQ and I’ve been trying to work with [creative director Joe Madureira] and [Airship Syndicate president Ryan Stefanelli] ever since, our reunion is a decade in the making and couldn’t be happier for Airship Syndicate and this opportunity for them to shine.”

Airship Syndicate president Ryan Stefanelli:

“We’re a group of passionate, experienced game developers based in Austin, Texas. Our goal is simple: build a lean, fun, independent game studio to create top quality games for a variety of gaming platforms.”

The game’s basic details can be seen below:

Airship Syndicate embarks on a brand new adventure with the help of Digital Extremes! This new project is an online, character based, third-person action game set in a brand new, original world where adventure with friends is the name of the game.

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