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Dieselpunk Wars
Dieselpunk Wars

Dieselpunk Wars Prologue Available on Steam For Free

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Image Power has decided to celebrate Dieselpunk Wars’ successful Kickstarter campaign with the release of the free prologue of the game. The free prologue was originally planned to launch with the full game, but is now available on Steam for all players.
Dieselpunk Wars is a game about crafting unusual vehicles and putting them into battles. Players are able to create their own unique machines using as many as 270 different elements. The pool of available parts will be expanding as players progress through the missions.
Thanks to realistic physics and the possibility of destroying buildings, players will be able to use entire environment to their advantage. The game’s engine can track every single missile, calculate its trajectory and even destroy it with a ricochet, if it hits the machine’s armor at the right angle. “Vehicles can be cut in half, set on fire, flooded or crushed. It all depends on the players’ creativity” says the developers.

Key features of Dieselpunk Wars:

Vehicles built from various parts and materials that affect their capabilities on the battlefield

An open, explorable world, offering challenges and elements to find

Creative mode allowing to build any type of machine

Game engine that enables simulating the destruction of vehicles and buildings, as well as physics of missiles and air resistance

No microtransactions

About Image Power:

Image Power studio was created in 2019, as a result of a cooperation between: Paweł Graniak, the president of the management board, founder of the first Polish school of concept of art and digital painting, PlayWay S.A., Warsaw Stock Exchange listed company, and the current vice-president, co-founder and shareholder of the company – Marcin Zaleński, previously co-founder and shareholder of Movie Games S.A., also listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (New Connect).

Source: Steam

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