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Diablo III
Diablo III

Diablo III: Season 16 – Patch 2.6.4 Available Now

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Diablo III: Season 16 – Patch 2.6.4 Available Now

Season 16 of Diablo III is live now, it introduces a new buff that will change up the way you play, in this new Season, all players will benefit from the legendary power of the Ring of Royal Grandeur without the needs of hunting down or equip the items, this buff does not stack with additional Rings of Royal Grandeur, whether they be equipped directly on your character or via the Jewelry slot in Kanai’s Cube.

Season 16 also introduces some cosmetic rewards which are obtainable by progressing through the Season Journey.

In addition to the Helm and Shoulder slots of the exclusive Conqueror Set, players can earn a brand-new series of portrait frames themed around the clarion call of adventure.. For the most devoted cosmetic collectors, we have a pair of wings fit for a monarch. The Wings of Lempo draw inspiration from some of the noblest creatures in Sanctuary, and aside from a cosmically rare drop, few other wings are quite as lovely.

Thanks to player feedback, we’ve focused on a couple of frequently requested changes to improve the overall Diablo experience. This includes minor changes, such as removing Legendary potions from player inventories so that they no longer take up space, but also more significant changes to celebrating end-game loot in Primal Legendaries.

Season 16 comes with Patch 2.6.4 and Blizzard identified some of the best performing builds, like Condemn Crusader and Rathma’s Necromancer, and they’re looking to bring many of the other class set builds up to par.

“This is largely a numbers pass, and we haven’t just focused on class sets—the “no set Set” Legacy of Nightmares will be receiving a sizeable buff as well. We know many of you are curious as to what changes may have occurred as a result of your testing on the PTR.”

Find more information visit –Blizzard

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