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Devil May Cry 5 – Urizen Prologue Boss Guide

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At the very beginning of the game you play as Nero, a Devil Hunter who recently lost his demon arm to a powerful being named Urizen. After fighting off a few demons throughout the level, Nero meets him and the fight begins. Since most players will have no idea what to expect at first the new Demon King will promptly take out most of your health after a few hits and will cause Nero to start his journey for real. But what if Nero were to beat Urizen at the start and skipped the adventure immediately? Well that’s I’m here for. I’m going to show you how to beat Urizen and stop his reign before the adventure truly begins.

Devil Trigger and Devil Breakers

The fight can be made easier after beating the game on any difficulty and unlocking Nero’s Devil Bringer, this will unlock Nero’s Devil Trigger abilities and will make your life easier. Not only that, but all of the extra blue orbs you find along the campaign will increase your health, which Urizen will take away quickly if you’re not careful

Devil May Cry 5 Urizen Boss Guide Devil Breakers

Next up are Nero’s Devil Breakers. While Nero can’t bring devil arms until later in the game, any unlocked arms can be brought back and used during the prologue. Generally a good setup of arms that are useful against Urizen include Punchline for extra damage, Rawhide for it’s increased Wire Snatch range, Ragtime for more damage input, and Gerbera for extra air dodges.

Abilities and Attack Patterns

Even for the “First” boss, Urizen is no joke. While he sits down on his throne with his red crystal protecting him, he dishes out some powerful, but predictable attacks. He always raises his hand to summon an ability which can range from beams of light, raining light, putting a time field around you, and throwing giant fireballs.

In his first phase he throws these out in a fairly easy to dodge fashion. One of his attacks include a rain of light that locks on to your location until and strikes. This is one of the easier moves as during an air-combo, just double-jump and air-taunt away then grapple once the attack is over. He will do the rain of light multiple times, so let the lock-on settle, dodge the light, and wire-snatch the crystal and repeat. He also has a habit of shooting his hyper beam of light at your feet, so simply keep in air when the beam strikes. He can throw around 1 or two time spheres at you to slow down your movements and to hit you with either his fireballs or his lasers.

In between a few attacks he will push Nero away if you chain attacks long enough to either hit you with a fireball or time sphere. Sometimes he can push you away right as an attack is about to hit you and this can either work with or against you. Be prepared to use Rawhide as Urizen pushes you too far and just want to get damage in.

Eventually the demon king will change things up with his attacks as his crystal wears down. The Demon king will switch up his moveset as he will use multiple attacks at the same time to hit your while dodging. If it comes to this, be patient and time your dodges with Urizen’s lasers and fireballs. He will even throw multiple Time Spheres at you so he can hit you with his attacks, if you find yourself getting caught right as you jump away, try taunting in the air to give yourself a little triple-jump and hopefully you’ll animate out of the sphere.

A Vulnerable State

After wearing out his crystal with well-timed shots, Max-Acts and Punchlines while jumping and dodging in between his attacks, Urizen’s crystal will fade to a paper-thin straw and will attempt to rejuvenate it. Urizen is the most vulnerable here, and your attacks will wear actually down his health at this point. When this happens try to activate ragtime’s ability to buy yourself some damage time.

Devil May Cry 5 Urizen Boss Guide Showdown Combo

A good strategy during this phase is to activate your devil trigger and immediately do showdown, while doing this charge up a Punchline Devil Breaker. Nero will do massive damage due to Showdown and will finish with a charged Punchline uppercut to finish him off if done right. On human difficulty, if done just right this will definitely kill Urizen in one go and you can get the “Well I’ll be Damned” Trophy for your efforts all while “beating the game.”

A Relentless Boss

Though if you aren’t able to do too much damage here or playing on a higher difficulty Urizen will enter his second phase and will do everything he can to defeat you. He will throw more fireballs, more time spheres, and more lasers generally with increased damage. If it comes to this, you either have to be extremely patient and dodge everything, or restart the level, buy new Devil Breakers and start the level over again. If you plan on beating Urizen on higher-difficulties, he will usually do the same attack pattern throughout, but at a way higher damage rate. So as a tip, be patient, attack only when needed and use your fully-charged gun in times of need.


Well that’s it. I hope this guide will help anybody who wants to defeat the Demon King before Devil May Cry V truly begins. For more game guides, vising Gaming Instincts.

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