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Developers Would Prefer Working On PS5 Than Other Console

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The Game Developer Conference (GDC) is around the corner, recently, the organizers of the event asked 4000 professionals working in the gaming industry which platform is more interesting and which would they rather work for develop a game. Sony PS5 is ahead of the competition 38%, by a small margin developers are more interested in the package offered by Sony. The Nintendo Switch came second with 37% of the console developers choosing the modest hardware. Xbox Series X managed 25% of preference.


More interesting information can be seen, developers would still rather develop for PC, being Steam the safer option for them. Although, an interesting question was also asked for developers who publish their games on Steam.

It’s not overly surprising with PC kind of being the front runner again,” Stern said. “But what is interesting is where everybody’s starting to think of the next generation of platforms and what they’re developing for next. The current projects already include 11% for the PS5 and 9% for the Xbox Series X. It’s a notable rise in interest in the next-gen platforms.”said Katie Stern, general manager of GDC Events, in an interview with GamesBeat.

“What do you think is a justifiable amount of your game’s revenue for Steam to take? (In its current form, Steam’s standard cut is 30%)

The developers feel that the current deal is way to much. They feel like a deal closer to what Epic Games Store offers is more justifiable. Notice how just 6 % of the developers are OK with the current deal.

GDC Survey

When asked about Epic Games Store, 40% of the developers asked are convinced that Epic’s approach will be more successful than Steam. The mobile platform preferred for develop was also asked, by a small margin, Android was preferred.

Between March 16 and March 20, the Game Developers Conference will take place at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, California.

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