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Detroit: Become Human artwork
Detroit: Become Human artwork

Detroit: Become Human Receives New Trailer for PC Edition

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Detroit: Become Human has received a new trailer to commemorate the launch of the game’s PC edition on December 12, 2019 on the Epic Games Store.

The actor who portrays Connor in the game donned the role again for the trailer by providing new performance capture. In addition, players will see that scenes that appear in-game were shot at unique angles, “captured just for this trailer.”

“Set in a near and not-so-impossible future, [Detroit: Become Human] immerses players in a world at the brink of chaos, where technology has evolved to a point where human like androids are everywhere. They speak, move and behave like human beings, but they are only machines serving humans.”

Fans can pre-order Detroit: Become Human on the Epic Games Store. Moreover, a free demo of the game’s opening scene will be playable the same day the game launches for those on the fence about purchasing it.

The game originally launched in 2018 for PlayStation 4 and was well-received by critics, who praised its setting, execution, and “smaller moments.”

Detroit: Become Human was developed by Quantic Dream, the same studio behind Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls. The company was founded in 1997, with its first project being The Nomad Soul in 1999.

In addition, the game was published by Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE), the multinational video game subsidiary of Sony Corporation. Managed by Sony’s American hub, Sony Corporation of America, SIE has become the company’s main resource for research and development in video games and interactive entertainment since the success of the first PlayStation console in 1994. Sony Corporation of America is headquartered in San Mateo, California.

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