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Detroit: Become Human artwork.
Detroit: Become Human artwork.

Detroit: Become Human Launching for PC in December

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Detroit: Become Human, the adventure game with a narrative focus developed by Quantic Dream and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment, will launch for PC on the Epic Games Store on December 12, 2019.

Priced at £29.99, the Epic Games Store will have exclusive distribution of the acclaimed title. In addition, a free playable demo will be available the same day, offering those who are interested a chance to play through the game’s opening scene.

“Set in a near and not-so-impossible future, [Detroit: Become Human] immerses players in a world at the brink of chaos, where technology has evolved to a point where human like androids are everywhere. They speak, move and behave like human beings, but they are only machines serving humans.”

Players will experience the branching story through three different android characters: Kara, Connor, and Markus. The game’s ending is malleable through the choices players make, with multiple endings available to offer replay value. Moreover, the game features Hollywood stars Jesse Williams (Grey’s Anatomy), Clancy Brown (Carnivale), Lance Henriksen (Aliens), and Valorie Curry (Twilight), as well as an original soundtrack by Nima Fakhrara, Philip Sheppard, and John Paesano (Dragons: Riders of Berk).

 From Quantic Dream: “Porting the game to PC has been a tremendous challenge, as we wanted players to get the original experience without any compromise. So we entirely redesigned the interface and developed a new engine to offer 4k resolution and high quality rendering on a wide range of PCs.” says Writer and Director, David Cage. “We are glad to welcome more “deviants” into the dystopic world of Detroit, and allow them to discover Quantic Dream’s vision of interactive storytelling.”

The game’s PC version offers stunning graphics, complete with 4K resolution, 60fps, and full integration of mouse, keyboard, and gamepad controls.

Fans can pre-order the PC version on the Epic Games Store.

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