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Connor from Detroit: Become Human
Connor from Detroit: Become Human

Detroit: Become Human PC Version Release Date Seems to Be Just Around the Corner with the New Teaser

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Quantic Dream finally put an end to its long-lasting partnership with Sony later in 2018 after NetEase attempted to buy a majority of the company’s share. Now, the developer is fully focused on making multiplatform titles with no plans to collaborate with any other platform-owner company to develop exclusive games. As a result, their all last three titles, which used to be PlayStation exclusive, have been confirmed to be launched on PC. Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls are now available on Epic Games Store for PC players, but their last launch, Detroit: Become Human, still needs a permanent release date.

According to David Cage and his team at France, Detroit: Become Human will be coming to Epic Games Store later this year, but fans still seeking an exact release date, which might be revealed sooner rather than later regarding a new teaser of the game that has been shared recently.

The teaser simply shows-off Marcus talking in a big screen, but as the camera zooms-out, Marcus loses his human-like face and becomes a completely irony robot. Here you can check it out for yourself:

Detroit: Become Human follows the story of three robots who seem to have stronger feelings than a real human and that’s why they are seeking to have human rights as well as the real people living in futuristic Detroit. Kara, Marcus and Connor all have their own dark experiences within a society where robots are always treated like lifeless objects. Every decision that you make will change the way things go on, making the game to feature high replayability which has always been a key factor in Quantic Dream’s titles.

PC players will only be able to play Detroit: Become Human through Epic Games Store since the exclusivity isn’t a timed one.

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Source: DSOGaming

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