Just a few hours before the start of Spring, Quantic Dream has announced that their last three games which used to be Playstation exclusive, will be available for PC gamers via Epic Games Store. Aside from how surprising was the news, it also represented the influence of NetEase on future plans of Quantic Dream, the company that acquired minor shares of the French developer, months ago. By release of the aforementioned games on PC, it seems that collaboration between Sony and Quantic Dream has also come to an end.

Now that Windows owners are rest assured that they will get Detroit: Become Human and two other story-driven games on their platform, its safe to talk about system requirements and PC specs that the game needs to run smoothly. According to the details provided by the development team, you are going to need at least an Nvidia GTX 660 along with an i5-2400 to be able to run Detroit: Become Human on your PC. On the other hand, the recommended system for the game, requires an Nvidia GTX 1080 graphical card and an i7-2700K with 12GB of RAM in order to play the game in the highest quality.

Minimum Requirements

OS: Windows 7-64 bits

Processor: i5-2400 @ 3.4GHz or equivalent

Memory: 4GB RAM

Graphics: Nvidia GTX 660 or equivalent



OS: Windows 10-64 bits

Processor: i7-2700K or equivalent

Memory: 12GB RAM

Graphics: Nvidia GTX 1080 or equivalent


Graphics API: Vulkan

Detroit: Become Human will take you to a journey with androids and the hidden feelings inside them, where you will go through three different dramatic story and play as androids to help humanity and take care of people that you are tasked to secure.

Quantic Dream has not revealed any exact release date for the PC versions of its upcoming games, but we do know that till the end of 2019, the games will be available on Epic Games Store.

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