Detroit: Become Human

Detroit: Become Human, Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls Get Release Dates

Once upon a time Quantic Dream was developing critically acclaimed story-driven titles exclusively for Sony and its PlayStation consoles but right now those games are making their way through PC via Epic Games Store and as the developer recently announced, all the three confirmed titles for PC will be launching until the end of this year.

A few months ago, Quantic Dream officially announced that Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls and Detroit: Become Human will be coming to PC as Epic Games Store exclusives. After revealing required hardware specs for all of the aforementioned games, now the French developer revealed release dates for Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls, along with a launch window for Detroit: Become Human.

According to the trailer above, Heavy Rain will be available on June 24 with its demo coming out next week on May 24. After a month, players will gain access to Beyond: Two Souls on July 22 with the demo for Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe starring title launching on June 27. Finally, Detroit: Become Human will hit the EGS digital store in Fall 2019 and its demo will be available “soon”

While each title features different engaging stories, they all follow same gameplay style with mechanics getting deeper and more expanded every time to deliver the decisions-and-consequences play-style more realistic than ever.

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