Destroy All Humans Remake

Destroy All Humans Remake Received a Lengthy Gameplay Footage

The very last entry in Destroy All Humans series released back in 2009 for 7th generation of consoles and while no one was expecting a new title from the series on the edge next generation, Destroy All Humans made a comeback with a remake version of which the new gameplay footage is available to watch here.

Destroy All Humans Remake will still follow the story of a bad manner alien who has come to Earth to establish his own empire no matter how many humans will have to be killed for this approach. Playing as Crypto-137, you will find yourself in different locations of the world in 1950s to throw all human-made obstacles away while killing the humans as well.

According to the developer, remake version of Destroy All Humans is meant to deliver a realistic graphics while remaining loyal to some of the cartoonish and iconic styles of its origin. Number of cut-scenes throughout the whole journey of the players have been remarkably increased compared to the original version of the game and most of the characters and their movements have been brought to life by motion capturing technology.

Through this third-person action game, you are going to visit different regions that each one will provide an open-world experience for the player, while guiding you to continue the main objectives of the story missions. For further explanations, I suggest you to watch the trailer below and get the exact details on the game from the developer itself.

Destroy All Humans Remake will be available in 2020 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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