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Destiny 2
Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Servers Down After Items Were Reportedly Missing – Update

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Bungie has received a lot of reports of users who had their Glimmer, Legendary Shards or enhancement cores/prism missing, there are so many players who are sharing this problem that Bungie Help has just announced that Destiny 2 has been taken down for an emergency maintenance.

The problem appear after Bungie released Patch 2.7.1, the patch was meant to fix some bugs and deal some problems with some of the weapons.

We’re currently investigating an issue where players may have lost their Glimmer and/or various infusion materials after Update 4.7.1 went live. Please standby for updates.

It seems that, Destiny 2 servers will be up soon, as the team at Bungie has narrowed the possibilities that caused the nasty bug.

The last report from @Bungie Help says that a fix is being tested internally, the developers will continue investigating other possible solutions to restore the in game currencies that went missing.

Destiny 2 patch 2.7.1 improved the performance in the Chamber of Suffering and Garden of Salvation, also reduced Nightfall: The Ordeal’s weekly completions needed, players will now need three completions on Adept, two on hero and one on Legend to complete the weekly bounty.

Players will also be able to shortcut directly their Roster by selecting their empty fireteam slots, or by invoking the Roster shortcut on Director Map screens. When an activity is selected, fireteam leaders can navigate left and right to get to Quests and Roster respectively, then back to return to the selected activity.


Bungie has announced that a fix will be implemented, today’s update will be rolled back, players will have the same account they had before the patch 2.7.1 went live. Destiny 2 servers will remain offline for “several more hours”


Bungie Help has announced that “Rollback for player accounts is complete.” Destiny 2 servers  will be brought back online “around 7 PM PST.”

Stay tuned at Gaming Instincts via Twitter, YouTube and Facebook for more updates from @BungieHelp and Destiny 2 servers.
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