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Destiny 2 Players Are Missing In-game Currency (Again)

Destiny 2 Crimson Days event started today, however, an annoying bug was brought back, players reported missing in-game currency, some glimmer, some legendary shards a few enhancement prism.

Two weeks ago Destiny 2 Patch 2.7.1  had the very same problem, it required a long emergency maintenance of servers to solve the bug. Bungie updated the game today, Patch shares the same problem that annoyed players in late January, today’s update started the Crimson Days Crucible event.

Just recently Bungie thought they had solved the issue and informed that console players should download the patch and restart the console, servers where live for a moment. But the players still reported that materials are missing.

The latest report from @BungieHelp explains that after Hotfix items are still missing, players will have to wait for later in the day (hopefully) to start gathering items from the Crimson Days.

Bungie fixed the missing items bug by rolling back the patch that brought the bug in the first place, it’s probable that Destiny 2 players will have restored the equipment they had before went live. The previous bug was solved by 7PM PST, it’s likely that Bungie having the previous experience on this bug will have the servers online soon.

Crimson Days features a set of daily bounties that will rewards players with a new currency, Confectionery Hears. Those hearts will be exchangeable for a Ghost shell, an emote for two guardians and a pair of Sparrows. Perhaps the most interesting item to be collected is the Vow Bow, while it be available in a curated form with special perks, Rapid Hit, Archer’s Tempo, Natural Fletching and Polymer String. Hopefully, Bungie will allow farming the weapon to change its perks.

Stay tuned at Gaming Instincts via Twitter, YouTube and Facebook for more updates from @BungieHelp and Destiny 2 servers.

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