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Destiny 2 Guardian Games Announced

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Bungie announced the inauguration of the Guardian Games for Destiny 2. The competition between the game’s three classes will start on Tuesday, April 21. Lasting three weeks, until May 12, guardians will fight against other classes of guardians. The goal is to see which is the strongest class of the game. The class who “reigns supreme” will see a “permanent reminder” of their victory in the Tower for the rest of the year.

The inaugural Guardian Games is upon us! There are only three weeks to prove that your class reigns supreme. And with a permanent reminder of which class wins being added to the Tower for the rest of the year, the stakes have never been higher! The scoreboard is up and the clock is running. You know who deserves to take home the gold. Now show everyone else.

In order to participate, players will need to complete daily bounties of both, Eva and Zavala. Every point you earned will matter on the Tower’s scoreboard. A new Exotic Machine Gun and Ghost will be available for the event. New metallic class items will change between bronze, silver and gold based on the standings. New airships and Sparrows will also be available.

The new Exotic Machine Gun is called Heir Apparent, Bungie has given a description of how will a Guardian feel while wielding the exotic machine gun.

You fall into second place as you reach for the last trick in your arsenal. The low hum assures you that you’ve pulled the trigger. It begins to spin. Slowly for a moment and then in an instant, blindingly fast. The roar of the Heir Apparent rises above the crowd, the tide turns, and the glory of your class is secured.

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