Descenders’ Developers and Publishers Reject G2A

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Descenders’ Developers and Publishers Reject G2A

Descenders is a game in which you ride a bike downhill through a procedurally generated mountain. The game has seen some positive success on Steam, however G2A is selling the game through their site and in turn, the developers and publishers of the game ask players to pirate rather than buy from G2A.

G2A is known to sell Steam keys at ridiculously low prices, except they may have been gained through shady tactics such as using stolen credit cards.

Founder of Descenders’ publisher No More Robots, Mike Rose went on Twitter to announce the company’s distaste to G2A’s tactics.

Rose states that “Devs don’t see a penny either way, so we’d much rather G2A didn’t see money either.”  Of course Rose is not the only ones angry about this, Descenders’ developers, RageSquid, also said that they would prefer that gamers pirate Descenders instead of purchasing the game through G2A also.

“Please torrent our games instead of buying them on G2A”

This is is pretty big when both the publishers and developers are in agreement to go against G2A and let people just download their game. Nobody from G2A has responded about this, nor does it seem that they will stop their shady practices, but one thing’s for sure is that they’re going to be hated by the gaming industry pretty soon if not earlier. Well if you were to buy Descenders, I would suggest that you get the game on Steam and get it while it’s 30% off during the Steam Summer Sale.

It’s a shame that Descenders is in this situation, but I doubt that this will affect the game’s overall sales on Steam as several players are currently loving this new downhill biking game. So go up a ramp and do a sick backflip and have fun however you buy it.

For more coverage on G2A’s new Key Investigating System, Check it out here.

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