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Demoniaca: Everlasting night
Demoniaca: Everlasting night

Demoniaca: Everlasting night – “Update 2018”

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Demoniaca: Everlasting night – “Update 2018”

“ This is a very special year, a year full of news but most importantly the year Demoniaca will come to life. We need to concentrate our last efforts and make the difference, we will do our best to give you the game you were dreaming of. Finally the game is shaping up and we can’t wait to show you the results. ” said AKI, project leader at Mnemosyne Games.

Will the Nintendo Switch version be available?“. This is the question we receive most frequently on our mail. The Switch has enough power to run Demoniaca, so technically the portable version can be done. We have repeatedly requested a devKit to Nintendo Europe without major results, so we cannot yet guarantee anything. On our part there is a strong interest, but obviously the longer the wait the harder the development on that platform will be. We have already planned a cooperative mode that can be used with Joy-Con, but the final decision is up to Nintendo.

This year will accompany the release of Bloodstained, how do you think about it? Do you see this title as a potential rival?“. Bloodstained should come out in March, but our development will end during the summer. It’s true, our titles are both inspired by Castlevania SOTN but I think they are extremely different. Iga is a sacred monster in  media channels and obviously we have no chance to compete with his numbers, but what we can do is play Bloodstained (we have already bought a copy) and find out what Iga has reserved for us in his new title. We therefore have a few months to integrate new ideas, as Bloodstained will give us his feedback and it will be very useful during our development. Of course, being able to create a game better than Iga would be an incredible goal for us, even if I believe that Demoniaca has a good chance to compete with everything that has been shown up until now. What to say? The next few months will surely make the difference.

Any indiscretion about the story? What future do you imagine for your game?“. The idea is to create a universe around which well-defined characters rotate. The game has a very unique style and aesthetic, we are building the foundations for something potentially bigger. Substantially “Everlasting Night” represents the first chapter, the first part of the story we want to tell. It will still be a complete, stand-alone product, with a definite ending (even if partially open). It is important to consider the type of production: as an Indie team we don’t have the necessary resources to guarantee the continuation of the saga, it will depend entirely on the success of this first title.

Any update?“. This is the question I usually receive on my personal email, another question is usually “is the project dead?”. I have to deal personally with the public relations of the game and often the amount of work prevents me from doing it. For this reason I regularly publish material about the game on twitter, but I understand that this may not be enough to satisfy all your curiosity. We dived into a challenging project, that forced us to work intensively for almost a year and a half, and yet we managed to keep our schedule (not bad for an indie team!). In a few months, however, you can judge the result with your hands, just wait a little longer. We are eager, even more than you, to show you what we have in store for you.

More news. ” What else? Core, fluidity, mechanics, effects, feedbacks… every aspect of Demoniaca has been improved, to such an extent that even we can’t keep track of all the changes made.. ”

About the game:

  • There are more than 500 items, 150 of them are unique.
  • There are Epic monsters, you can kill them to obtain unique relics.
  • The map have real proportion, sections fill real space and match each other.
  • The tower is bigger than Castlevania SOTN but is not planned an inverted castle.
  • The game is not linear, you are free to move in the zones, choose directions.
  • You have to learn new moves to reach advanced and secret areas.
  • Every area can be visited again and hides new paths.
  • We don’t use procedural, level design is handmade.

Check out the Trailer:

and some gameplay:

More info at – Source

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