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Defiance 2050 artwork
Defiance 2050 artwork

Defiance 2050 Winter Update Has Arrived

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The new holiday update, Solstice Strike, for Defiance 2050 is available now for gamers to enjoy on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. It is snowing in the New Frontier now, but along with the snow comes some new enemies for players to face.

The event will be four weeks long, which is plenty of time for players to hop in and experience all of the new things it has to offer. This update has many new Volge to take on as well as a frosty Warmaster. Players will want to take on these new enemies in order to gain the new loot that they hold. Other things this update will make available are rewards, contracts, pursuits, and prototypes.

One of the new prototypes is the Cheer Cannon. It does exactly what it sounds like it would do: spreading holiday cheer in the form of festive trees. The trees shot by this rocket launcher pierce through enemies and explode upon impact with any surface. Players can purchase this weapon at any point during the event from a Paradise vendor.

Another new item for people to earn is the Frigid Impact Mod Fusion. This fusion type uses the power of the player’s shield to deal an insane amount of damage to nearby enemies in the form of an explosion once it gets broken.

Players can also use this time to stack up on Aegis synergy, which can be used to enhance shields and give them new abilities. This new synergy crystal can increase the player’s regen rate while giving them stopping power that is proportionate to how much shield they have left.

These new items along with many others are available now for anyone playing Defiance 2050. For gamers interested but haven’t joined the cause yet, the game is free-to-play, so be sure to get in there and acquire all the new loot.

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