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The Technomancer Companions Trailer

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The Technomancer Companions Trailer

The next game from Spiders – The Technomancer – is due next month and here you can find out what the game’s companion system is like.

The trailer goes through a rather detailed breakdown of everything you can do for your followers to make them more useful to you as you explore the harsh environment of the planet Mars.

You’ll be able to make friends, gain lovers, or piss people off so that they leave you high and dry. Each one you recruit has their own backstory and agenda, and may ask you for assistance in personal matters, allowing you to forge better relationships with them.

Not only does the game’s crafting system allow you to make items for yourself, but you’ll be able to customise the armour and weapons that your allies use, increasing their effectiveness in battle.

The game is out on the 28th of June for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Check out the Trailer:

“In the video, you’ll see Zachariah fighting and exploring throughout the markets and shanties of Noctis, one of the major cities in The Technomancer, where over a hundred years of separation from Earth, new cultures, clans, and super-powers formed throughout Mars, causing clashes and in-fighting across the red planet.”

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