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Death’s Gambit ‘Bosses’ Trailer

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Death’s Gambit ‘Bosses’ Trailer

Developer White Rabbit’s upcoming Dark Souls-esque 2D action-RPG Death’s Gambit has already been garnering tons of positive attention, thanks to its amazing graphics, atmosphere, and Metroidvania inspired gameplay, not to mention the massive boss battles that we’ve gotten a glimpse of. Today, however, that glimpse has now evolved into a full-on trailer showcasing the various immortal bosses you’ll be battling in the game.

The hero in Death’s Gambit has no such qualms. I’d say he had a death wish, except he’s only in this mess because he made a deal with Death specifically to avoid dying.

White Rabbit’s during inspiration from Shadow of the Colossus and Dark Souls for their side scrolling fighter. You carve your way through the world of Aldwynn, killing all the beasties that get in your way.

Check out the Trailer:

“Using your arsenal of weapons and abilities, the player strategically decides the best way to tackle each beast who have unique abilities of their own. After killing an immortal boss, they come back to life. However, you don’t have to fight them again but if you decide to do so you can get new items that they drop depending on the various ways you can defeat them. Trying to figure out who is moral and who is immortal will also change the story.”

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