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deathloop colt and explosion
deathloop colt and explosion

Deathloop Interview Reveals Similarities to Other Titles

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Deathloop is set for a release later this year. It was first revealed at PlayStation 5’s Future of Gaming event and will be a PS5 and PC exclusive. A recent interview with game director at Arkane, Dinga Bakaba revealed more interesting details on the game.

The game is based around two rival assassins, one trying to assassinate a group of targets while the other tries to stop him. The two are stuck in a ground-hog day time loop. Arkane Studios has also worked on games like Prey and Dishonoredand Bakaba elaborates on the similarities between the titles and Deathloop.

“You can really go crazy, go loud, go silent, explore as much as you want or be as fast as you want, but without missing out on the content, so, there is something that furthers the Dishonored paradigm to an extent, in terms of gameplay.”

The game is set on Blackreef, a fictional location inspired by the Faroe Islands and set during the 60’s. The citizens of Blackreef want the loop to continue so that they may continue partying, but the protagonist Colt does not.

“It is supposed to be a gigantic party, if it was not for one person who is the ultimate party crasher for eternity: Colt. It’s a strange place in the world. It’s a place that was an army base at some point, where strange experiments have happened. There is something special on this island. But the people who are now living there – the people who are of the AEON programme – have invested in the island in order to be a party that never ends. A party at the end of time, forever.”

With each loop, the NPCs will continue similar routines, patterns, and behaviours. The player can learn and choose the most effective tactic as the day repeats. This is reflective of the gameplay in Prey: Mooncrash. 

“The acquisition of knowledge, and understanding what’s happening on Blackreef, and basically, as the trailer says, piecing together the puzzle, that’s the core of the game, understanding what is happening, who are those people, what are the rules of this world, what are the rules of the island, and then, how can I actually do this thing? Because when you say, ‘Eight targets, one day,’ that sounds easy. Actually, it’s not as easy as it looks.

“So, trying to unpack all those things, learning a little bit more about the targets, what they do, who they are, what makes them tick, what are their weaknesses, etc, and trying to line them up perfectly, is the core of the game. One of the ways we like to call this is the murder puzzle. It’s like an inverted Cluedo. You have to make a perfect run, and you will need lots of knowledge and understanding.”

Source: VG247

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